Come and get your U-Pass at any of the SUS Offices

How can I get mine?

U-Passes are available at the SUS Office in Abbotsford during regular office hours. Each semester, registered students must obtain a valid U-Pass to benefit from the various services provided by the U-Pass program.

Campus Fall Semester U-Pass Winter Semester U-Pass Summer Semester U-Pass
Abbotsford (S1109) September - December January - April May - August

Please note there is a 2 week grace period for the Campus Connector at the beginning of each semester. Check the Campus Connector schedule if you require transportation to our other campuses to obtain a U-Pass.

How Long is it Valid?

Fall Semester September 1 - December 31
Winter Semester January 1 - April 30
Summer Semester May 1 - August 31

Have More Questions?

Please contact us at or by calling the Student Union Society at 6048644613