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Boost confidence and
build important skills.

The SUS Tutor system provides UFV students with the opportunity to connect with UFV Student tutors and/or UFV Student tutees.

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SUS is looking for digital peer tutors, and we need tutors who have:

  • ● A passion for helping their fellow students
  • ● A desire to get involved and meet new people
  • ● An understanding of, and willingness to comply with, Academic Integrity guidelines
  • ● A grade of A- or higher in the course(s) you wish to tutor

*Tutors have the opportunity to receive a reference letter from an SUS
executive for future employment and may charge starting at $15 / hour for their lessons.

We will need some quick info to get to know you.

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All SUS Tutors are required to be in good standing with the University of the Fraser Valley and the UFV Student Union Society, and a minimum A- grade on the course(s) they want to tutor.

If you would like to tutor a second course, please submit another application