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So... What’s in the SUB?

Study Areas

This is a non-reservable space
Throughout the SUB you can find a number of chairs, couches, and tables on which to study. For example:

  • - In the Student Lounge
  • - In the 3rd floor outside of meeting room 3103
  • - In the 3rd floor across from Advising Offices

If you're a registered student club or association needing space to host an event or hold a meeting, look no further than your own Student Union Building! All our reservable spaces are available to you at no charge when planning events for your members and/or other UFV students.
- Click here to know more about the SUB bookable spaces

Evered Hall Site Details

Student Lounge

This is a non-reservable space open to all students. It includes:

  • - Tables and soft furnishings
  • - Board games

Student Services

- The Canoe
- Fair Grounds
- fixIT
- Student Union Society

SUS Clubs and Associations spaces

This is a non-reservable space

The SUS C&A Space is granted yearlyof due diligence to those clubs and associations with most demonstrated need for space. There are two shared club and association spaces which allow for eight administrative desks. The purpose of the SUS Club and Association space is to help your club or association to facilitate its mandate. While filing cabinets will be provided, no office should be used primarily for storage space.

Additional Perks @SUB

- ATM machine on 1st floor
- Water stations on 1st and 3rd floors
- Phone charging stations on 1st and 2nd floors
- Poster boards on 1st and 2nd floors
- Drink and snack machines on 1st and 3rd floors
- Free daily National Post newspapers on all floors